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Our Story

Expert Led

Neuraleaf, led by Dr Adia, is the first and only company specialising in the research, development and manufacture of cannabinoid-based formulations that has been launched and run by a team of British Cannabinoid Experts.


Product Quality

As a UK-based Company, we strictly regulate our operations to ensure that our products are pure high quality and accurately labelled, made from the purest GMP grade ingredients.

This differentiates Neuraleaf from other companies selling CBD. There is a growing body of evidence that many CBD products that are available on the market contain impurities which, in some cases, include dangerous toxins. In many instances, the products do not contain the stated dosage of CBD, and, in some instances, the products contained no CBD.

Neuraleaf removes the risk of purchasing sub-standard CBD products. We stake our professional repuatations on providing our customers with reliable, safe, high quality products.

Product Development

Neuraleaf specialises in developing cannabinoid-based formulations to benefit our customers.

Our research ensures that, unlike other companies which rebrand generic hemp oil products, we provide products that are unique and targeted.

Cutting Edge Research

Our research is at the forefront of the scientific advancement of cannabinoid-based formulations.

As well as the high-quality CBD products we currently offer, we are developing new formulations to ensure Neuraleaf products are highly effective and superior to the alternatives.

We continue to work with experts so that our products maximise benefit by using the most recent scientific discoveries and cutting edge technologies to ensure our products are the most effective and efficient on the market, benefitting as many lives as possible.

Discounts and Referrals

As a Company focused on improving the quality of life of our customers, we share the sentiment that quality of life is a right to everyone, not just those with wealth.

We are aware that individuals who use CBD to improve quality of life tend to take higher doses more regularly and it can become very expensive. Neuraleaf, as a value-based Company, has created the significant discounts with this in mind, with further subsidies for eligible customers.

Discounts will be available on the website. Please CONTACT US if you feel you are eligible for further subsidy.

We are looking at adding an extra discount for regular monthly orders. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact us!

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