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As Neuraleaf formulations are currently undergoing research and trials, due to regulations, references to the treatment of specific diseases (even in reviews) must be removed until trials are concluded

Alison Garrett – CBD Micellar Capsules Testimonial

Neuraleaf CBD Micellar Capsules I hate the taste of CBD oil, so I have been using capsules for the last year. However capsules tend to be weaker and more expensive than oil, so I have to take 100-150mg (4 – 6 24mg capsules) from Provacan (24mg capsules x 30 = £50, so I pay £6.67… Read More

Calmness and Skin: Neuraleaf vs Other Brands

Product: CBD Ultra Nano 4X This Product blows me away. I’ve tried Nano products before- but they didn’t feel very different to CBD Oil. Ultra Nano 4X hits me within seconds. I feel a wave of calmness and within 2 mins I have full relief. Since I started using it, my skin has improved dramatically!… Read More

Calmness: Neuraleaf vs Other Brands

Product: CBD Entourage Oil CBD has a really calming effect on me. I usually use Provacan which did the job. However, Neuraleaf is much more effective. I take exactly the same dose as the Provacan Oil, but I think the extra Entourage compounds in the Entourage Oil really make it much more effective. Really impressed,… Read More

Sleep: Neuraleaf vs Other Brands

Product: CBD Entourage Oil I get the best sleep with this! Always feel refreshed after! Lovehemp oil was ok but I had to take a lot and it tasted so bad. Neuraleaf oil is much stronger and has better value for money. The taste is better than Lovehemp oil but it still has a slightly… Read More

Dodgy Hip and Back

Product: CBD Nano Salve I cannot recommend this enough. Amazing on my back and hip! -Dr Kiran