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CBD Oil Belfast

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Buying CBD Oil in Belfast and across Northern Ireland has never been easier. 

Here at Neuraleaf, we have a hand-selected selection of CBD products for you to choose from.

Our CBD range consists of:

CBD Oil Belfast

CBD Entourage Oil

Our CBD entourage oil is expertly formulated to have the optimal spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids to truly maximise the entourage effect.

We use a broad spectrum formulation, with 1100mg of cannabinoids per 12ml, of which at least 1000mg is CBD. The remaining 100mg comprise CBD, CBG, other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

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cbd micellar capsulesCBD Micellar Capsules

Our Capsules contain a specialist formulation of CBD molecules housed within molecular micelles. These micelles are more than twice as effective as oral CBD Oil, as the bioavailability is 40% compared to the 20% of the oil.

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cbd nano salve by neuraleafCBD Nano Salve

Our only topical product, the nano balm is expertly formulated to provide CBD for the skin and joints that truly absorbs. Most products are highly inefficient as very little CBD is absorbed through the skin. However, our balm is made with our Ultra Nano 4X CBD.

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cbd ultra nano 4xCBD Ultra Nano 4x

Our CBD Ultra Nano 4X is a revolutionary formulation that is exclusive to Neuraleaf, based on years of cutting edge research. Using proprietary nano-technology, we have structured the molecules in a way that can bypass the liver, penetrating directly into the cell.

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What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the most well-known chemical compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant species. Each plant contains more than 100 of these compounds, known as cannabinoids.

Important to note is that CBD is non-addictive, so CBD products will not intoxicate you as THC-rich marijuana would.

The world has seen a sharp increase in CBD users – especially in the UK and Belfast – in recent years. 

It’s projected that the number will only continue to grow.

Who is Neuraleaf?

Neuraleaf was founded by Dr Adia. As a British Doctor, Dr Adia maintains the highest standards of quality and care – and this is reflected in our products.

As a company that is owned and run by a team of cannabinoid experts, we strictly regulate our operations to ensure that our products are pure, high quality and accurately labelled.

Neuraleaf is the only CBD provider actively developing our research to support the scientific advancement of cannabinoid-based formulations.

New to CBD?

If you’re in Belfast and are new to CBD, please reach out to one of our specialists who will guide you through our different products and help you choose the right one for you.

Alternatively, you can read through our extensive blog posts in our science blog

Do we deliver to Belfast?

Yes. We deliver all of our CBD products all over Belfast and the UK. We have great customers in Belfast.