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Neuraleaf Dosing Guide

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Neuraleaf dosing guide

People use CBD for a variety of reasons, including for health-related purposes. Dosages of CBD differ between people and conditions, depending on a range of factors such as individual metabolism, body mass, sensitivity, target tissue and intended effect. As such, there are no set doses, rather a dosing method that is unique to each individual based on their needs. Dose scaling methodology, choice and/or combination of products used do vary between different conditions and unique needs.

For joint/muscle/skin problems: 

Commonly reported joint/muscle complaints to include swelling, pain and stiffness. 

Commonly reported skin issues to include inflammation (such as eczema, psoriasis or acne) and pain (HS). 

The topical Nano CBD salve should be rubbed into the affected area 3-4 times per day. If the issue is isolated to 1-2 body parts, using the balm may be enough to relieve symptoms. If 3 or more body parts are affected, using in combination with a slow-releasing oral formulation such as the Micellar Capsules or Entourage Oil is recommended. 3+ body parts indicate a systemic rather than local issue, so combining the application of Nano Salve on the affected areas while taking slow release CBD twice per day (starting at a low dose and tapering up gradually, see guidance below). Combination of a slow-release oral with a topical allows the CBD to build up a constant blood level, allowing the blood to deliver the CBD to affected areas from the inside, while application of the topical allows penetration from the outside.

For Psych problems: 

Mental wellbeing is extremely important. Many people in the modern world suffer from worry and sadness, and when this becomes too great, it manifests as anxiety or depression. Sometimes too much mental stress can even trigger a psychotic incident. Some people use CBD to treat these symptoms. 

Most commonly, symptoms associated with worsening forms of sadness, worry and paranoia are felt constantly but can worsen and become severe episodically. For this reason, it is recommended to combine a slow-release CBD formulation (such as Micellar Capsules or Entourage Oil) with the only rapid-release CBD product available on the market- Ultra Nano 4X. This is a strong product that uses proprietary technology for rapid absorption and widespread cellular uptake, providing relief that is often felt within minutes, if not seconds by some. The slow-release allows the severity of the constant symptoms to reduce and also reduces the frequency of worse episodes. The rapid relief Ultra Nano 4X can be used to relieve symptoms during episodes. This can be particularly helpful as, during these episodes, patients may not think clearly and make irrational decisions such as self-harming, due to a feeling which is intensely uncomfortable but would only last a short amount of time. Reducing the time and intensity of the stress during the episode reduces the risk of harm.

For Neurological and Pain problems: 

The nervous system contains the among the highest concentrations of cannabinoid receptors, along with the immune system, which is responsible for inflammation throughout the body. Pain conforms to 3 main types: Musculoskeletal (MSK), Neuropathic (nerve-related) and Inflammatory. Pharmaceutical drugs exist which can be effective for most people who experience MSK and inflammatory pain; patients who choose CBD to do so because the pharmaceutical alternatives do not provide sufficient relief, cause too many unwanted side effects, or both. Furthermore, MSK and Inflammatory pain often have a source, which may be responsive to targeted treatment, however again, many treatments carry variable levels of risk. 

Neuropathic pain, however, is neither easy to treat, nor has any clear source or cause. Our nervous system conducts all nerve signals, including those of pain. MSK and inflammatory pain signals are conducted by the nerves, arising from the source and being registered and felt in the brain. In this case, the nerves are not the issue and are working as they should, as injury should induce pain signals. However, in neuropathic pain, the nerves conjure up pain signals themselves. The nerves trick the brain into thinking and feeling an injury, despite none being present. Common characteristics of neuropathic pain include: burning, tingling, shooting pain and numbness. Few medicines are available to be prescribed for this, and patients commonly complain that they both do not work and cause side effects many find unbearable, preferring to feel the pain than deal with the drug’s side effects. This group of people often suffer without any option for treatment. For most individuals within this group, higher doses of CBD may be required before tangible relief can be felt.

Other Neurological symptoms include: numbness, tingling, tremor, spasms and seizures (among others), and may also benefit from the relief of excess nerve firing, termed ‘Neural Relief). 

For constant pain/symptoms, the use of a slow-release formulation such as the oil or capsules is suggested, using at the standard suggested dose. For neuropathic pain, start at the same dose but it is more appropriate to increase the dose, even beyond the maximum recommended dose (under the care of Neuraleaf’s Dr Adia, included free of charge). 

When pain is focussed within 1-3 regions, especially if there is an inflammatory element, the Nano Salve (balm) can be used up to 4 times a day on top of any oral use. 

Finally, for particularly severe neuropathic pain or neurological symptoms, the use of Ultra Nano 4X up to maximum dose used on top of the maximum dose of slow-release formulations is possible, with advice from Neuraleaf. This is because neuropathic pain is harder to treat and often requires more than equivalent other types of pain. 

Finally, for pain that is episodic or comes in waves, often in unpredictable patterns, the Nano 4X can be used PRN (or as needed), only when these worse episodes take place. This can be used for any type of pain, however, we only recommend combining max doses of slow-release (oil/capsules), Ultra Nano 4X (rapid relief liquid) and even the Nano Salve (balm) at max doses for Neurological/neuropathic disorders, after consultation with Dr Adia. 

Example Regimens: 

Back Pain – Back pain that is constant and prevents sleep:

Generalised Anxiety with Panic attack episodes: 


Period Pains: 


Please note: These are example regimens. Exact dosing, product choice, frequency and tapering vary between individuals for a number of reasons. This is why it is always suggested to take advantage of the free medical advice provided by Dr Adia at Neuraleaf!

Please note: This advice does not contain specific advice about exact doses in mg or ml. This is due to the fact that this varies between individuals and conditions. Dosing for Neuraleaf CBD products is done on a tapering up basis, until the intended effect, tolerability or max dose is reached. Max dose can be surpassed however this should be discussed with a Neuraleaf doctor before. There is exact dosage information on the PiL (Product Information Leaflets) provided with each order – however, is also provided below: 

Product Dosing

Entourage Oil (Slow Release) – 

Cheapest and lowest strength formulation. 

The lid is childproof. Push down on the lid of the bottle and twist anti-clockwise and break the seal.
The dropper is connected to the lid.

Take between 5 Drops (0.25ml – 25mg CBD, 30mg Total Spectrum) and 10 drops (0.5ml- 50mg CBD, 60mg Total Spectrum) up to twice a day. 

Drop the desired number of drops under the tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds before swallowing the remainder.
Please contact Neuraleaf Doctor before increasing the dose further. 

Micellar Capsules (Slow Release) – 

Best slow-release formulation, high strength with enhanced bioavailability. 

Shake the jar to separate the capsules.
Take 1-2 (50-100mg) capsules up to twice a day. Swallow with water.
Consult NeuraLeaf Doctor before increasing dose further. 

Ultra Nano 4X (Rapid Relief Liquid) 

Unique and proprietary to only Neuraleaf, Ultra Nano 4X is extremely strong with rapid relief. 

The lid is childproof. Push down on the lid of the bottle and twist anti-clockwise and break the seal.
There is a grey plastic adaptor on the opening of the bottle, and a purple syringe included within the box.

Place the tip of the syringe into the adaptor and draw 2.5ml – 5ml (40-80mg* Bioequivalent) 

Take up to twice a day, once in the day and once before bed. 

Consult NeuraLeaf Doctor before increasing dose further.

Nano Salve (Balm)

Wash hands with soap. Clean area before application. 

Rub on painful/inflamed joints/muscles and where there is skin inflammation such as eczema/acne/psoriasis, up to 4 times per day. 

Take a small amount of salve and rub it into the intended area. Only a small amount is needed as it spreads thinly and has a high CBD concentration.