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Alison Garrett – CBD Micellar Capsules Testimonial

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Neuraleaf CBD Micellar Capsules

I hate the taste of CBD oil, so I have been using capsules for the last year. However capsules tend to be weaker and more expensive than oil, so I have to take 100-150mg (4 – 6 24mg capsules) from Provacan (24mg capsules x 30 = £50, so I pay £6.67 – £10 PER DAY!).

Neuraleaf’s Capsules are 50mg but they are much stronger and cheaper than the Provacan ones. I only need to take 2 per day. That works out to £3.32 per day!! They also get to work much faster. It may be the ‘Micellar’ which makes them better although I don’t really know what that means.


Neuraleaf – 2000mg CBD for £66.50. Daily cost £3.32. Stronger and work faster
Provacan – 30x24mg caps = 720mg CBD for £50. Daily cost £10. Weaker and less noticeable effects

I place an order every month for myself and my parents who all prefer it to Provacan.

Alison Garrett – 13 January 2021