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Calmness and Skin: Neuraleaf vs Other Brands

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Product: CBD Ultra Nano 4X

This Product blows me away.

I’ve tried Nano products before- but they didn’t feel very different to CBD Oil.

Ultra Nano 4X hits me within seconds. I feel a wave of calmness and within 2 mins I have full relief.

Since I started using it, my skin has improved dramatically!

The taste isn’t too bad on its own when compared to CBD Oil, however, I recommend adding it to drinks such as tea or fruit juice or squash. Can’t taste a thing! I don’t like CBD oil for that reason, holding it under the tongue is really hard with the strong taste.

And at 1600mg per bottle, it’s better value than I have found anywhere, even without the discount. The discount has really helped, as I need to take 100mg a day, it gets really expensive.

I used to pay around £250 a month but with Neuraleaf, it’s under £150 with 2 Ultra Nano bottles with the discount!

Can’t recommend this enough!